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    No Disc Dogs at Parks
    The DGP has issued orders for the removal all 4 legged friends. As the people of the free world we will unite and stop this corruption and greed.(this video is...
    By:  Disk Dog
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    Added: 612 days ago
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    Patriots Park Disc Golf in Augusta.m4v
    Here are a few shots of some friends and I playin at Patriots Park Disc Golf Course in Augusta, GA. Now stop watching youtube videos and get out and throw!!
    By:  JTDG31
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    Added: 1388 days ago
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    2010 Discraft Memorial
    Ken Climo, Avery Jenkins, Paul Ulibarri, Nikko Locastro on hole 16 at Fountain Hills in the 2010 Discraft Memorial NT event.
    By:  The Force
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    Added: 1402 days ago
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    O'Hauser Park Disc Golf Course Menasha, WI
    Flat course, easy walking, well organized. Parking lot fills up fast. Course will be getting updated this year. see map at
    By:  Brian
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    Added: 513 days ago
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