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    Disc Golf Hot Shots 7
    austin tx machado disc golf compilation...Mary Moore Searight ,Pease , Zilker ,Cirlce C...THIS IS ANOTHER MUST SEE...WATERLOO MINI HIGHLIGHTS...Sick Finale.......
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    Added: 1456 days ago
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    Tom Woods's Backyard Course
    Tom Woods walks us through his Backyard Course in Brookston Indiana. This is the best backyard course I've ever played.
    By:  channelz
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    Added: 1242 days ago
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    Disc Golf Live #52: 2012 Worlds Open Women
    Titled "Ladies Day Out," Disc Golf Live episode 52 features women disc golfers from end to end, including notables such as Val Jenkins, Catrina Allen, Sarah Ho...
    By:  Brian
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    Added: 499 days ago
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