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By: Epiphil
Date: 08-25-10
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I relaize that the quality isnt that great but i think when i uploaded it may have shrunk or soemthing....

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Reply by: Epiphil
Date: 08-28-10

Hey so i went out the other day and switched the camera to the 16:9 ratio so hopefull these new videos i have will be a little bit easier for ya

Reply by: EduCatOR
Date: 08-25-10

It actually doesn't look that bad to me, but the aspect ratio is definitely a bit off. (It's a site problem rather than an issue on your end) Basically, your camera takes video in a 4:3 ratio, whereas the the website converts it to 16:9 (widescreen), which basically is the cause for distortion. See if it is possible to record in a widescreen (16:9) format. Thank you posting, none-the-less, the high-speed is sweet.

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